Breeding for quality,brains and temperament
SG.1 Vakeranti Hyjanna Sch.H.3.'V'. FH.2, Kkl.1. Lebenzeit
DNA.gpr. HD & ED.  'A' stamp Normal
BVA.UK.  HD.10 & ED. 0.
Sch.H.1.      92-94-95. / 281.SG.
Sch.H.2.      95-93-94. / 282.SG.
Sch.H.3.      97-94-95. / 286.'V'
Lebenzeit 3 August 2013 - Germany
FH2   14 December 2013 - Germany (90 Pts)


Vakeranti Hyjanna is the puppy we chose to keep from the Sergio vom Salztalblick x Mirrwood Vikki at Vakeranti litter.  This was the first litter where we introduced the exceptional qualities of the working bloodlines into our breeding programme.  

Hyjanna is a very happy dog and her tail never stops wagging. 

Hyjanna's qualifications are:
SG.1. Show Grade 
BH Temperament / Traffic Test
AD Endurance Test
FH.2  Superior Tracking Test
Kkl.1. German Breed Survey Class 1
Lbz : Lebenzeit German Breed Survey Class 1 Lifetime
'A' Stamp Normal Hips/Elbows (Best German Grade)
UK /BVA Score Hips 5:5 Elbows 0

It is possible that Hyjanna could be one of the most highly qualified UK bred bitches - impressive for a show/working line mix!

Poppy at 18 months old